Despite its American heritage and consonance, Freeman T. Porter is a French ready-to-wear brand, which has specialized in the world of Women'sDenim and Men's Denim for over 25 years.

Our Collections are inspired by our travels and encounters while keeping this Rock - Chic spirit for the Woman, and Biker - Military for the Man. And even if the Collections evolve over the years to offer you the latest trends, our military DNA remains the common thread of Freeman T. Porter clothing.

If we had to reduce the Freeman T. Porter brand to one product, we would choose Jeans without hesitation! We've been working with this product passionately for years and have achieved specialist status.

Jeans are a product that we love to work with, to adapt and reinvent every season. From the conception of the Fit to the delivery of the product, every step and every detail is integrated in our company to guarantee a perfect fit, an impeccable quality and a fair price.

And even if the Slim or Cropped Jeans are the best-sellers of the moment, the Straight or High Waist Jeans are arriving in force. Some products have become iconic and unavoidable, such as Alexa Cropped Jeans, Alexa Slim Jeans or our Magic Color range.

With a network of more than 600 retailers in Europe, our webshop is our showcase where all our products are available and where our customers can take advantage of free delivery and free returns to try out our products with complete peace of mind.


All our women's jeans

As you can see, women's jeans are part of our DNA! It is a very technical product, which offers a multitude of possibilities and developments. But what does it really take to make good jeans?

A cut. The cut, or rather the "fit", is the shape you want your jeans to have. And at Freeman T. Porter, we develop a multitude of fits every season: cropped jeans (or 7/8ths), skinny jeans (super slim), slim jeans, straight jeans, high-waisted jeans, boyfriend jeans, or even wide leg and flare! Now that you have defined your shape, let's move on.

A pattern. With us, a pattern will correspond to the details we will give to the selected Fit. The type of pockets, the heights, the buttons, the zippers, the seams, etc. Some models have become iconic of the brand, like the Alexa Cropped, or the Harper.

You have your Fit, you have your model, now you need a material worthy of the name! From 100% cotton denim, to stretchy fabrics, to colored denim, the choice of the material is essential! Most of our materials are eco-responsible and use fibers such as organic cotton, BCI cotton, etc.

Now that we have explained the essential steps, you are ready for the next purchase of your jeans in store, or on our webshop to take advantage of web exclusives.


All our women's pants

Jeans or Pants? Pants or jeans? What is the difference? It's very simple! At Freeman T. Porter, women's jeans are a product that has a base material made of denim. While a woman's pant is a product made of another material, such as a fluid fabric, a printed material or jacquard for example.

For our Pants Collection, again, our goal is to create impeccable fits with special attention paid to your curves and your buttocks. For us, this is the main element of our reflection on women's pants!

So we have declined our collection in a multitude of cuts: skinny pants, slim pants, chino pants, straight pants, city pants, boyfriend pants, cargo pants, or even high-waisted pants.

But what characterizes the Freeman T. Porter pants, it is surely the available color ranges. From the timeless black to the punchy colors, we like to decline our models in bright materials and colors! Most of our materials are made of eco-responsible fibers such as tencel and organic cotton.

Our only objective is to offer you quality pants in a wide range of available sizes, at the right price, and in which you will feel comfortable and confident.


All women's ready-to-wear

Even if jeans are omnipresent in all our collections, we are developing more and more ready-to-wear collections for both women and men.

In order to create our women's clothing, our fashion inspiration is rock, glam, chic, bohemian or casual to reveal all your personalities!

From pants, to long dresses or midi dresses, to sweaters, tee shirts, sweatshirts, or pantsuits, discover a wide range, which in addition to the timeless black, is declined on a panel of available colors that will seduce the most daring among you.

While browsing our looks, you will also find prints and fabrics that will make you travel, mixtures of several trends, pieces with a soft look and others that are much more daring, a bohemian spirit or on the contrary much more classic, without forgetting the knitwear whether it is in wool or cotton with sweaters and cardigans, for the cocooning side.

Pieces created with passion to be delivered to your home with love.


All Men's jeans and Pants

The Freeman T. Porter Men's Universe is an explosive mix of Workwear, Biker and Military trends. Our main products are Men's Jeans and Men's Pants for which we have developed a real know-how.

A particular attention is paid to the choice of materials and to the proposed cuts: skinny jeans, slim jeans, straight jeans, city pants, and cargo pants are available in many sizes and colors.

If our denims are available in many washes ranging from raw jeans, to black jeans, through stone jeans, our pants are often developed in strong colors such as black pants, and khaki pants.

Here too, each season we work hard to increase the proportion of our jeans made from organic cotton, organic cotton, BCI cotton for a sustainable fashion.

But what we prefer above all, is to use more worked materials, like herringbone fabrics, striped fabrics, 100% cotton gabardines, and ripstop fabrics, true representatives of the workwear culture.

Even if slim jeans remain a timeless classic, the trend in men's jeans is also wider, and allows us to develop more and more straight jeans or regular jeans to bring volume and character to your outfits.

Discover all our ranges of jeans and pants for men right here ;)


All men's ready-to-wear

For men's clothing, our designers in Paris follow the same Workwear, Biker and Military inspirations to offer you powerful pieces and make Freeman T. Porter a recognized brand in men's ready-to-wear.

And even if opening our own workshop to manufacture our clothes in France is a dream, we rely on quality and trustworthy suppliers who have followed us since the launch of the brand more than 25 years ago to offer you the best products.

Our goal is clear, to develop our collections as if they were the ideal gentleman's wardrobe: slim jeans, straight jeans, military shirts in cotton-linen blend, vintage t-shirts, cotton polo shirts, workwear jackets, utility parkas.

We don't care about what others are doing, and we don't necessarily follow the pre-requisites of men's fashion. We simply follow our own inspiration and develop products that we like above all ourselves!

Check out our men's clothing and available sizes.

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