Women Ready-to-Wear Autumn Collection

Welcome to the Autumn Women's trends!

This season we have made you elegant and light pieces that follow the latest trends so that you can complete your wardrobe.
Because pictures speak more than words, let yourself be carried away by what we have concocted for you :

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Here we explainOur selection of ready-to-wear for Women

Our Fall-Winter collection

If you find yourself here and reading this article, it is surely because your curiosity has been piqued, and you want to know more about the season trends. So take a look at the next lines, we'll explain everything!

To create this Fall-Winter collection, we let ourselves be carried away by the gentle landscapes of France and the industrial style of Poland.

And the least we can say is "be ready to take a peek!" ". Indeed, no limits have been imposed to our designers during the creation of our dresses, skirts, sweaters, shirts ... And that's the kind of spirit we like during the winter season, cocooning knitwear and other very warm pieces are present in a great variety!

By browsing our looks, you will find patterns and fabrics that will make you travel, mixtures of all kinds of trends, romantic-looking pieces and others much more rock, a bohemian spirit or on the contrary much more classic style, without forgetting more fluffy pieces for the cocooning side. Pieces created with passion to be delivered to your home with love.

So bring out your best shoes and your favorite accessories, because this winter you will be the next fashion chameleon!

Goodbye bikinis and hello big knits!

With the evenings cooling off and the mornings getting brutal, no doubt, winter is here! So it's time to update your dressing girls!

And even if it means gray weather, shorter days and longer nights, for some fashion addicts it is one of the best fashion times of the year. Why? It's funnier when you can add more clothes to your outfit, no? ;)

Between bold patterns, flowing dresses, velvet shorts, wool scarves and oversized thigh-high boots, we are sure that you will found everything you need to face the strong winds and the frosty evenings!

So if some people think winter is a dull season, we hope you will soon change your mind! Indeed, for us this season is rather synonymous of good vibes and folklore! Reinventing a wardrobe, easily changing styles, creating knits of all kinds… In short, this season is anything but boring!

Winter has so many options, so many possibilities of different styles, that you almost wish it would last longer sometimes!

From Bohemian to Folk spirit

Cocooning is good, but if like us you are sometimes in a bit of a wild mood, we're looking for new funny looks.

This year we have quenched our thirst for folk style by mixing fabrics, prints and blazing colors.

Inspired by street styles and bohemian chic glamor, our stylists have succeeded in the difficult challenge of twisting these two horizons in a colorful collection!

The result? Trendy patterns on tops, from raw denim to the cropped length as we love it, small shiny pieces on more sophisticated blouses, through cuts that remind us of Françoise Hardy's sharp looks.

As you can see, the folk trend is in the spotlight this season and we love it.

Indeed, sophisticated details in a light and chic look while avoiding the useless, the women's dream.

So don't panic Ladies, our collection is here to make your dreams come true!

Because who says folk says the return of flowing dresses, tulle details and daring colors. Enough to easily bring a bohemian touch to your very urban outfits!

And yes, our stylists have revisited all their classics to offer you that modernized retro side. Now you understand why it was impossible for us to not succumb to this trend!

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