What's new?

  • Pants Bruce Aras

    Pants Bruce Aras

    dusky green
    99,95 €
  • OverShirt Bolton Herringbone

    OverShirt Bolton Herringbone

    dusty olive
    129,95 €
  • Jacket Pierce Brown

    Jacket Pierce Brown

    349,95 €
  • Jeans Dustee Slim

    Jeans Dustee Slim

    109,95 €
  • Sweater Rescue

    Sweater Rescue

    99,95 €
  • Shirt Platon Indigo

    Shirt Platon Indigo

    79,95 €
  • Jeans Jimmy

    Jeans Jimmy

    109,95 €
  • Jeans Oxygen SDM

    Jeans Oxygen SDM

    brushed charcoal
    109,95 €
  • Shirt Rick Bear

    Shirt Rick Bear

    79,95 €
  • Jeans Horbyt Denim

    Jeans Horbyt Denim

    hiroo dark
    109,95 €
  • Sweater Helmut Mille Fili

    Sweater Helmut Mille Fili

    camel chine
    109,95 €

Ready for new adventures

The Autumn-Winter collection is online. Explore our new products!

Guys, here it is, our new designs are here!

In this Fall collection, our Biker, Rock & Military inspirations are reasserted.
New utility cuts are born, to answer your needs as a modern man.
Cargo trousers, authentic jeans, vintage prints and impeccable finishing are all part of the collection.

Pieces ready to be taken with you on your next road trips.

the skirt that will make you dream, the perfect trousers ...