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  • Sweater Millord Waffle

    Sweater Millord Waffle

    69,95 €
  • Jeans Dustee Slim

    Jeans Dustee Slim

    109,95 €
  • Shirt Jeremiah Oxford

    Shirt Jeremiah Oxford

    89,95 €
  • Polo Shirt Matthew Washed

    Polo Shirt Matthew Washed

    dusty olive
    89,95 €
  • Jeans Jimmy

    Jeans Jimmy

    109,95 €
  • Pants Sylvester Jogger

    Pants Sylvester Jogger

    estate blue
    129,95 €
  • Sweater Kryo

    Sweater Kryo

    dark brown melange
    79,95 €
  • Coat Danton Checks

    Coat Danton Checks

    dark grey
    229,95 €

End of Winter Sales

Desperately trying to make our sales appear?

No sooner has the madness of our 5-day Private Sales faded away than you're already asking us when our next offers will be.

Plot twist: you'll have to wait a bit, because at Freeman, we want to present our products at the right price and at the right time. That's why for the past few seasons we've been shifting our sales!

We explain everything in detail below

the skirt that will make you dream, the perfect trousers ...