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This winter, make a difference !

With its dressy or casual version, the pants are suitable for all looks. Whether you are looking for city pants, office pants or pants for your next city trip, our fall collection will meet all your desires! Choose the color that will complement you, the silhouette of your dreams and your ideal fit thanks to our different models:

Tessa Bloomy
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Alexa Cropped Magic Color
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Alexa Cropped Heaven
Anais Athena
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Claudia Cindirella
Lisea Colette
Claudia Felicita

Here we explainOur vision of Pants

From basic pants to City Chic

We're not going to lie to each other, pants weren't always the women's best friend! Considered the most gendered pieces in history, pants have long been an exclusively male garment. But over time and the fashion evolution, it has carved out a special place in our hearts, especially on our buttocks! A piece that is now a true symbol of women's independence and liberation, and it is surely for this power feeling that we love to wear it so much! Whether at home, at work, in the city or on the biggest red carpets, this little gem is ready for any eventuality and has not finished surprising us with the cut. Far from the classic Indigo Denim, gray or black, our pants are made in a multitude of different fabrics with colors, prints, and above all full of details that will highlight you. Regarding its different styles, the pants feature, like their favorite sidekick jeans, a plethora of cuts, details and accessories that make them unique! From the first bloomer to today's chic tailored ensemble, the pants undoubtedly give a huge sense of freedom to the women who wear them and it won't stop tomorrow ;)

Pants in all their shapes

Every season, thanks to our stylists, the pants is back in the spotlight. Always present but never quite the same, it can be declined in a loose fit for a chill look, with more detailed finishes for a more chic look or in a super-stretch fabric for maximum ease! In short, our designers are constantly on the lookout for new ideas to offer you increasingly trendy styles while always providing you with maximum comfort. The years go by, but our motivation is still the same: to create singular and original pieces. Impeccable fits, yes, and with special attention to your curves and buttocks. For us, this is the main element of our reflection! As for jeans, we have declined our collection of pants in a multitude of cuts: Cropped, Super Slim, Slim, Straight, Boyfriend, Boyfit, High Waist and especially City. Each of these cuts is designated by a pattern. This is why with us, each model has a name, a story. They can be called Claudia, Lisea, Chelsea, Alexa, or Adelie and they are all unique. Our models evolve over time. Some disappear after a season in favor of more current cuts, others, meanwhile, accompany us for several years, but anyway, they are all treated with the same passion! And we promise that once you find your favorite model, you won't be able to live without it!

Trendy pants to adopt this season

Just because summer is synonymous with lightness and flowery dress it doesn't mean you have to go for this style, girls! We like to stand out, being trendy while bringing that madness touch that is so good for our look and our morale of course ;) So we let our creativity express itself, we dare the color and we go for the original fabrics offered in our range of City pants. A single watchword: there are no limits. Passionate about fashion and the perfect fit, we are constantly looking for new fabrics, to surprise you and create unique models. Bands on the sides, nails, braids, coating, metal fibers, etc., we like to multiply the techniques to provide that clearly identifiable touch that characterizes each of our pieces. We create versatile pants that will accompany you as well for your business afternoons as for your casual evenings. It's simple, our pants adapt to your figure, your style, your image and that all day long. Easy to combine thanks to their countless ways of wearing them, our pants offer you a wide choice of cuts and can be adapted to your needs. So let's go girls! It's up to you to juggle seasonal prints, city pants, sportswear outfits or casual looks. In short, you will inevitably find your ideal pants!

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