• Shorts Flavie Buren Khaki
    Shorts Flavie Buren Khaki
    Shorts Flavie Buren Khaki
    Shorts Flavie Buren Khaki
    Shorts Flavie Buren Khaki
    Shorts Flavie Buren Khaki

    Shorts Flavie Buren Khaki

    forest night
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  • Shorts Vanessa Biker
    Shorts Vanessa Biker
    Shorts Vanessa Biker
    Shorts Vanessa Biker
    Shorts Vanessa Biker
    Shorts Vanessa Biker

    Shorts Vanessa Biker

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  • Shorts Flavie Flocky Dots
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The history of shorts

A flagship piece of our feminine wardrobe that has existed since the dawn of time. Formerly known as shorts, women’s shorts appeared in 1960, so 30 years after their children’s. But it's only in the 21st century that French women really enjoy showing off their legs. A Fall piece that they love to display on chic or more casual looks, but also in their daily sports!

Practical clothing, but not only. It is also a symbol of elegance when patterns and cuts are intertwined with its making. And its evolution has something to do with it! Indeed, the piece has been seen shortening, then lengthening, then re-shortening ... In short, the stylists have never lacked imagination about it. And it is thanks to this creativity that many cuts have emerged: mini-shorts, Bermuda shorts, denim shorts, cargo, bloomers ... Not to mention the multiple fabrics that accompany them! We don't know about you, but our little finger tells us that they are not going to end there ;)

Our patterned shorts

Glorious variation of our favorite city pants, we design our shorts in sophisticated cuts neither too short nor too long. In short, the perfect length to highlight your legs, while keeping them warm on the cooler days thanks to stylish tights!

This season we have been inspired by the good classics. Classics yes, but classics revisited with little novelties. 

So we took a trip to the 60's by printing a retro pattern on our Sorel Flow model in a loose fit. Then we made a stop in the 70's by making a short in a Tie and Dye spirit. Finally, we ended our trip on a wild note with our Jade Serpento and its snake pattern.

As for the details, studs, braids and patches are absolutely embedded throughout our collection.

A fall-winter collection full of pizzazz that will easily boost your outfits. Especially if you go for a trendy look by wearing it with colorful sneakers ;)

Our jeans shorts

Ahhh jeans shorts, THE piece that smells like a fall breeze, or the days on the beach and stress-free looks. Like its friend the denim pants matches with all the pieces. What a joy to slip into a piece with your eyes closed!

Ideal for highlighting tanned legs and lengthening them when its designed in a high waisted fit, the shorts are without a doubt our best ally of the fall!

It can be worn in the city, in the country, in parties or for a beach party, in short, whatever its use it will always unleash passions.

In terms of colors, it is far to be an echec! Light blue washes for an old school side, black for a rocker style and colors to add pizzazz to your outfits.

But what we love the most about it is its different cuts. Because even if it covers a little more than our buttocks, it always manages to change its style! Between boyfriend shorts, panties, trench coats, mini, high waist ... You will inevitably find the right style ;)

THE piece to have!

Each season, the same fact: shorts remain one of the essential items in the women's wardrobe. 

And at Freeman's this season, we're seeing a strong comeback of tailoring so we had fun on our shorts.

We let you discover. :)

the skirt that will make you dream, the perfect trousers ...