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  • Jeans Alexa Low Waist

    Jeans Alexa Low Waist

    119,95 €
  • Dress Ralia Plain Color

    Dress Ralia Plain Color

    burnt ochre
    105,00 €
  • Jeans Alizée Denim

    Jeans Alizée Denim

    105,00 €
  • Jacket Troopie Snake

    Jacket Troopie Snake

    medium green
    159,95 €
  • Jeans Edita Denim

    Jeans Edita Denim

    119,95 €
  • Sweater Praia

    Sweater Praia

    85,00 €
  • Jeans Louison

    Jeans Louison

    109,95 €
  • Sweater Lea Stripes

    Sweater Lea Stripes

    jelly bean
    79,95 €
  • Pants Isadora Zebrita

    Pants Isadora Zebrita

    109,95 €
  • Sweater Palama Boho
    Coming Soon ! Create an alert!

    Sweater Palama Boho

    89,95 €
  • Dress Rosange Palma

    Dress Rosange Palma

    109,95 €
  • Pants Norma California

    Pants Norma California

    forest night
    99,95 €
  • Skirt Jaya Flow

    Skirt Jaya Flow

    85,00 €
  • Top Coraline Tawny

    Top Coraline Tawny

    flamingo pink
    79,95 €

Hello sunshine !

The Spring collection is online. Explore our new products!

Hey, the whole team was eager to present it to you. Our new Spring collection has arrived!

A collection with bohemian and rock'n'roll notes, which takes place in the L.A. decor to make you dream.
With always this same objective: to create practical and stylish pieces to accompany you in all your adventures!

Vintage jeans, romantic dresses, printed blouses, open-work knits, all in more utilitarian cuts and crazy materials.

Discover our new sunny and audacious treasures to fill up with good vibes!

the skirt that will make you dream, the perfect trousers ...