"We exist to make you feel confident !"

- P. Muller -

About Freeman

Who are we?

Behind Freeman T. Porter is a team of about twenty passionate people, based in France, in the Moselle region and in Paris.

We work at the design office, marketing, management, sales, accounting and logistics. We try every day to create a proximity with our customers, and if you are happy, we are happy: this is how we want it to be done !

We are committed to create clothes that meet your needs, that's why we are listening to both your positive and negative feedbacks. Because it is your comments that allow us to improve and offer you the best service!

Our values

Qualitative products

Created with passion

Comfort & Allure

Right prices

Attentive customer service

Our inspirations

Each collection requires a reflection, a new trends research.
Creativity is based on inspiration and with our stylists, it is triggered by what surrounds them.

Combined with our passions such as travel and sport, our collections are first a communication tool, a means of sharing the same universe but also a way of feeling closer to you.

This is why, at Freeman T. Porter, we follow fashion without losing sight of our identity ...

Freeman T. Porter

We just stand at the crossroad of Art and Technology.
Art to inspire us.
Technology to keep on innovating to present always more performing products.

A know-how

With its undeniable know-how in pants in general and in denim in particular, the brand has forged a reputation for the perfection of its cuts and treatments.
A collection that explores all materials: stretch or super-stretch fabrics, fading from the lightest blue to the roughest Denim canvas, but also light and fluid materials or, conversely, fabrics with a dense and robust meshing, all being to find the perfect mix for each piece.

Always in tune with the times, at Freeman T. Porter, we recreate ourselves every year and decline our range in the most trendy cuts of the moment: flare, cropped, slim, skinny, straight, high waist ...

As you can see, creating a collection requires real know-how and the Freeman T. Porter brand, with its experience and expertise, can pose as a real denim specialist. Sketches, trend books, fabrics research, creation of patterns, cuts, withdrawal management, assemblies, treatments, washes, finishes, accessorization. All these stages are mastered to guarantee a perfect fit and impeccable quality.

Our obsession

"Denim is an art !"

As you probably understood, jeans are our obsession!

Our leitmotiv has always been to create jeans with the perfect shape and that's why its design is very complex. More than research, the treatment of Denim fabrics is a real Art! And it is only through hard work that each model becomes a perfect pair of jeans!

The brand's jeans are therefore designed down to the smallest detail so that they perfectly fit the shapes of women and enhance the silhouette of men.

To be always at the forefront of the trend, each season sees the birth of new models. Some models have become emblematic and their success has been indisputable for many years.

Toward Ecology

Bad news: Our planet is dying !
That is why we take personal care of all our production process. It's with this in mind that our ambition is to create more ecological clothing by using more responsible materials.

At the top of the chain is our core material: the cotton. We try our best to use as much BCI cotton (Better Cotton Initiative) than possible.

Our suppliers in Turkey and Morocco are trustful partners since more than 20 years and have all our confidence.

They are all subject to yearly Environmental and Quality Controls. Together we go in the same direction: to offer you environmentally friendly clothing.

Jeans Freeman T. Porter

Our Story

To understand our history, you will have to go back to the Second World War, in 1944 ...
The young GI Freeman T. Porter, who was born and raised in Saint-Louis, Missouri, USA, was deployed to Europe during the Second World War to fight to liberate France.
He didn't choose this war! Abruptly, he is part of it ... He must face it ...
Before returning to the United States, he fell in love with a young German girl. From this brief passion will be born a son.

Freeman T. Porter

It was in 1993 in Munich that his son Erwin O. Licher, who became a designer stylist, launched his own streetwear clothing brand which he named FREEMAN T. PORTER, in homage to his father.

Naturally, his first collections were inspired by the military universe and then evolved over the years to urban orientations.
Since then, in 2008, we have settled in the East of France, while keeping a small showroom in Paris.
It's therefore through this small structure and these passionate employees that we are committed to offering you the best service.

We are Freeman

Like the soldier Freeman T. Porter who’s been sent to Europe in 1944,
we did not choose this world.
But we are part of it
we have to deal with it and
we are the only ones to decide how to run it.
Everyone needs inspiration, everyone needs confidence, recognition.
At Freeman T. Porter
we do not fear transgression,
we do not fear to break the rules,
or to overstep the preestablished codes.
Just like us, our community has commitments.
They all have commitments to
what make them feel alive,
what give them emotions, excitement.
We use this tension every day to create garments that define this state of mind !
We want to give our community these emotions they are looking for.
We want to make them feel desirable and special
in this sterilized world.
We want them to be who they really are !
And you ?
What’s your way of life ?

the skirt that will make you dream, the perfect trousers ...
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