Where are the sales?

If you have tried to refresh the page in the hope that the sales will appear...
Then this little guide is for you!

After 5 days of madness during our Private Sales, you are impatiently waiting for the arrival of our sales...
Those of you who have been following us for a while know that we don't participate in the sales at the same time as everyone else.
But if you've just joined the Freeman Gang, don't panic, we'll explain everything!


Are you postponing the Sale?

Yes! The sales were originally planned for the end of the season, but it's been a long time since this was respected and every year the date is brought forward...

At Freeman, we want to offer you the right product, at the right time and at the right price, so selling out our Spring/Summer Collections when everyone else just wants to go to the beach and get a suntan with a good drink... No thanks!

It would mean putting the summer collection online when the temperature is so cold that all we want is to bundle up in a heavy sweater. Illogical, isn't it? That's why we created our own concept: End of Summer Sales!

What are End of Summer Sales?

Good question! Nothing could be simpler. It's our very own End of Summer Sales. A short operation that we usually plan at the very end of the season, and that we have been organizing for some time now!

And if you know us, it's much better than a classic sale, because we try to put some good vibes and cool surprises in it.

In short, during our End of Summer Sales you will be able ton enjoy special offers as well as the return of collectors, pieces from our old collections available at reduced prices!

So when is it?

We're working on it ;)
The exact date is never known in advance, but our End of Winter Sales usually take place in mid-August.

The festivities last for a period of 10 to 15 days, after which the collection disappears from the site to make way for the new season!

In short, the End of Summer Sales are not only an event designed to please you, but it is also your last chance to buy your favorites from the current season.

How to be warned?

You don't want to miss it out?
To be sure to be in the starting blocks, it's easy!

If you are already subscribed to our newsletter, it's all good, we always send the program of the festivities as soon as the date is known. You will receive a reminder email on the day.

If you are not yet, it's right here!

the skirt that will make you dream, the perfect trousers ...
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