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More than an accessory, a real fellow outing companion.

Give style to your autumn outfits with our biker-style denim jackets and our chic coats!

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    Here we explainAll about the season's Jackets

    The timeless jeans jacket

    Finding the right compromise between style and comfort by imagining comfortable and trendy models can be difficult. But this winter, thanks to a Biker style jeans jacket you will get all these criteria in one blazing piece! Robust, you will easily be able to spend the day at the sea, spend the night out in the cold or on your motorcycle for example. Pretty cool isn't it?

    Whether struck with an extreme faded effect or tinted, even today the denim jacket remains an essential piece of the male wardrobe. Very versatile, it can be very nice on a plain t-shirt or with patterns than on a shirt. On the bottom side, you can choose the double denim card or pair it with classic chino, then it's up to you to choose the appropriate pattern to create a relaxed or dressed look.

    Our perfect match? Camel cargo pants, a white cotton t-shirt, a light denim jacket and a cap with a crest.

    So we don't know about you, but this winter we can't wait to play the character of Ryan Gosling in the movie Drive!

    An aviator jacket feeling

    From the carmagnole vest from the French Revolution time to the winter parka of today, jackets have crossed many eras. Yet if there is one that has marked our spirits, it is without a doubt the aviator jacket. Worn by our aviation heroes, this jacket has crossed our minds and our youth. Who has never thought of Tom Cruise in Top Gun while wearing it?

    Usually made in supple leather with a fur shirt collar, this flagship piece of men's wardrobes has also undergone its share of transformation and has even been feminized for the women’s dressing. This season, we wanted to give it a boost in a dark denim version with 100% authentic cotton.

    When it comes to association, what we prefer is to keep our military origins. So we don’t hesitate to put a khaki cargo ship and a good old cotton t-shirt underneath. For the shoes it will obviously be Dr. Martens.

    So don't be afraid to wake up the urban hero in you this season!

    The essential Caban

    Winter is here ! We finally have THE right excuse to wear our favorite long coat. Favorite why? Because it keeps us warm of course! And after taking a tour of our legendary aviation heroes, it's time to visit our favorite character: Corto Maltese.

    This character in itself could be enough to describe the Caban garment. But for people who are less comic book fans, don't worry, we'll explain everything about this iconic piece! Originally worn by sailors, this long coat with buttons on the front has been recognized for several years now for its chic yet casual look. Usually memorized in a navy blue color, it is now found in various tones, which makes it even more interesting for some association games!

    If you are looking for a classic look, don't hesitate to wear it with city pants, a shirt and loafers. But if you are more casual, then it will suffice to replace your shirt and shoes with a turtleneck and sneakers.

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