Women Cropped Pants

Make way for versatility!

Why wear shorts when you can wear Cropped Pants?
Stretch or Super Stretch, with fringe, destroy, with details on the ankles or on the pockets, find your happiness thanks to our endless variations!

Claudia Felicita
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Samara North
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Claudia Pongo
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Anais Polyneo
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Claudia Red Flowers
Alexa Cropped New Magic Color
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Alexa Cropped Hosta
Alexa Cropped New Magic Color
Claudia Felicita
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Alexa Cropped Ohio
Anais Comet
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Claudia Marley
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Samara Inocenta
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Leana Carlo
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Claudia Rockabilly
Claudia Felicita
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    Here we explainAll about Cropped Pants

    What is a Cropped Pants?

    If you're here today learning about cropped pants fashions, it's probably because you heard about this trend somewhere but don't really understand its concept! So congratulations, you've come to the right place to become an expert on this subject. Our Cropped Trousers are the perfect length pants, which mean a lower leg that stops below the calf, just above the ankle. In short, it's cut is halfway between the capri pants and the pants of normal length. Unlike capri pants, the cropped cut can be worn regardless of your body type! Indeed, this pants cut emphasizes exactly the thinner part of your leg, which is much more flattering than when wearing a capri pants with muscular calves. But why we can also call it 7/8th? Simply because its leg is 1/8th shorter than normal length pants. And it is this characteristic that will allow you to assert your style and allow you all the prohibitions when it comes to pairing shoes.

    Why choose the 7/8 pants?

    Shorter pants are a perfect alternative to jeans, shorts or even dresses. This winter season, our selection of cropped pants combines a comfortable fit with a flattering fit and feminine fit. By wearing it you can easily showcase your favorite winter ankle boots, but you can also enjoy its elegance. And that just for you our little Working Girls! In this new collection of 7/8 trousers you will inevitably find a version that suits you. Looking for a bright color? You will find the colors blue, red, yellow and green from our Magic Color range in a super stretch canvas. Looking for a timeless classic? Discover our slim cuts in fully stretch textured fabrics in sunny shades. A slightly more daring patterned version? Checks, dots, flowers or stripes… Our Samara, Leana, Claudia or Anais models are there to energize your outfits. As you can understand, we offer all kinds of cropped pants! This means that you will easily find a model that suits you and that will perfectly enhance you.

    How to wear the Cropped Pants?

    Now that we can find cropped pants everywhere, it has never been easier to twist them to our outfits. For a 70's Look; choose the cropped bootcut with a bohemian print blouse, a fringed jacket and pointy ankle boots. And for a more everyday look, opt for the colorful slim cropped paired with pretty sneakers and a loose & simple sweater. Finally, if you are looking for your future Working Girl outfit, then no doubt, our models Claudia or Adelie Polyneo are made for you! A chic alternative to jeans that will go perfectly with a gray t-shirt, a shoulder bag and black leather ankle boots. But when it comes to shoes, if you really want to make a big impression, then go for nude colors. Indeed, these shades will easily embellish your look, because they will accentuate the slender side of your ankles. In terms of style, opt for square toe shoes rather than a round one. That's it girls, you know everything about this fashion trend. Now it's your turn to twist it ;)

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