• Jeans Alexa Cropped
    Jeans Alexa Cropped
    Jeans Alexa Cropped
    Jeans Alexa Cropped
    Jeans Alexa Cropped
    Jeans Alexa Cropped

    Jeans Alexa Cropped

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  • Jeans Alexa Slim
    Jeans Alexa Slim
    Jeans Alexa Slim
    Jeans Alexa Slim
    Jeans Alexa Slim
    Jeans Alexa Slim

    Jeans Alexa Slim

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  • Jeans Maeva Denim
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    Jeans Maeva Denim

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  • Jeans Olgalina S-SDM
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    Jeans Olgalina S-SDM

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Women Jeans

Women’s trendy jeans for this season

Whenever you hear the word jeans, you think back to the first models. You imagine all those good old denim fabrics, very thick, well faded and a high waist with a button fly.

However, each season new styles appear and each season the treasure of our wardrobe reinvents itself and begins a brand new life.

Eternal timeless and classic, we designed season after season new denim to offer you unique and trendy pieces. Desirable jeans thanks to their fabrics, their cut, but also by their details.

So whether you live in jeans since your childhood, whether you can't wait to add a few new styles to your wardrobe or if you’re even still looking for the dreamy denim, this fall-winter season we have created the best trends for you!

Where do we found our inspiration? The prestige of the high waist, the vintage spirit of recent years as well as our travels. From London to Berlin, we like to believe that it is this daring mix that makes our Denim range ideal for any occasion. So fashion lovers or experts… Be ready to leave your wardrobe doors wide open because you will have to make room for your new favorites!

Our different Jeans cuts

We don't know about you, but as far as we're concerned, we wear Denim almost 24/7.

You are a real addict or you are not! So we wear it in Cropped, High Waist, Slim, Straight, Normal, Flare, Bootcut… In short, in all cuts. What matters is to enjoy twisting it up!

And that's why we don't hesitate to play with tone-on-tone, unstructured or even more sophisticated styles.

Some people think they have experienced all jeans, but in our opinion, we're a long way from getting tired of it! Each season it is reinvented, whether in a fine or thick fabric, in an authentic or stretch canvas, with a raw or faded effect ... There is no shortage of ideas to adapt it to infinity and give some punch to our favorite fashion piece!

This year, in the minds of our stylists, a lot of exciting ideas at the forefront of the trend was created. And if you liked our past years cuts then you'll be happy to see them again this season! And you will not miss our new ones of course ;)

As you probably noticed, each one of our cuts is made up of models, and each model has its own name, its specificities. These characteristics can be very minimalist, or very detailed, but in any case, it will have been created with love to make you stand out!

Focus on our favorite fabric: Denim

Denim is one of the most versatile styles, one of the most iconic fabrics around. If we are talking about Gibson blouses, cargo shorts or even empire dresses, some people will surely be lost.

But when it comes to jeans, everyone knows what we're talking about because this sturdy American cotton canvas has transcended borders, even cultures and eras. Pretty good for a simple fabric, isn't it?

The greatest stylists have never lacked inspiration for it. After all it's difficult to stop working with a fabric when this one is so comfortable to wear, so flexible and vibrating.

It must be said that technical progress and the involvement of brands are not for nothing in its evolution. Indeed, the jeans of today are nothing like the jeans from 40 years ago, and they contain too many variations to list them all.

Denim is undoubtedly a fashion icon and one of the most popular fabrics, it quickly found its place in our collections but also in your wardrobes! And it is your unwavering love for denim that allows us to continue to manufacture unique and trendy pieces each season that will follow you on all your adventures.

Find the right fit!

Jeans are our speciality, our passion and our DNA!
Each season, we take a lot of pleasure in working it and making our cuts evolve according to your needs and desires!

Our only goal is to offer you quality products in which you will feel comfortable and confident.

the skirt that will make you dream, the perfect trousers ...