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For a chic autumn!

Shirts with floral prints, denim fabric or micro-patterns... You will face almost any situation! 

Our desires?
Offer you the best fits, impeccable cuts, beautiful fabrics, and subtle details.

Come Algodon
66,63 Lagernd
Rick Two-Tone
Come Pea
66,63 Lagernd
Come Fall Circle
Platon Indigo
66,63 Lagernd
Come Tulipa
66,63 Lagernd
Platon Oxford
66,63 Lagernd
Come Feder
66,63 Lagernd
Come Plane
66,63 Lagernd
74,96 Lagernd
Come Daisy
66,63 Lagernd
Come Blatt
Come Blatt
66,63 Lagernd
74,96 Lagernd
74,96 Vergriffen
Come Birds
66,63 Lagernd
Rick Gibson
66,63 Lagernd
Rick Whisler
66,63 Lagernd

    Here we explainAll about our Men's Shirts

    Our micro-pattern shirts

    Developed in micro-patterns to make them even more versatile, they allow no rules to be imposed, except the one of style. Thus, the Freeman T. Porter shirt can be as elegant with nice shoes as it can be relaxed with sneakers and jeans.

    Without further ado, here is a quick tour of our different patterns:

    Our shirts with subtle patterns: sometimes it doesn't take more than discreet graphic patterns and original finishes, such as double buttons at the cuffs, to make a shirt chic. They can be easily combined with beige chinos.

    Our shirts with floral patterns: offbeat models with seasonal or foliage patterns will easily give a charismatic allure to your outfits. Perfect with a city cut.

    The biker shirt: a blazing look with urban influences, the Rick Two-Tone shirt in black wash in a textured denim canvas will bring an authentic and powerful side to your biker looks.

    Our new styles of shirts

    This season, our stylists took pleasure in making men's shirt. Result? We find it in thick or lighter cuts, with many details or more subtle, with prints or plain canvases.

    But above all, you will find three styles of shirts that stand out from the crowd and the basics:

    The patterned shirt: essential in a man's wardrobe, they are perfect to create different types of look, to switch from a classic to a most daring one.

    The denim shirt: a timeless basic made in our favorite fabric. You will find it this season in 2 colors (gray and indigo). Indigo for raw denim lovers and dark gray for the rockiest of us.

    The lumberjack shirt: while some people thought it was old-fashioned, the checked shirt has been making a comeback these last few years. That sounds great, we made it in a 100% cotton fabric. Whether you wear it closed for its urban side or open with a white t-shirt underneath for the manly side, you will easily blaze your outfits.

    Focus on the classic plain shirt

    We wear it easily during summer or even in winter, to create elegant or casual looks. This is of course our essential plain shirt! This new season, we have opted for modern collars, adjusted fits, ease of movement and three essential colors: white, gray and light blue.

    About their association, you probably already guessed well, a plain shirt is not complicated to combine. No matter the mix, the look will always be great, well, you should still avoid combining it with jogging ... What matters most is finding the look that suits you!

    Casual Look: what we love is pairing our sky blue shirt with beige jeans. And for shoes, the two colors will match perfectly with white sneakers.

    Elegant Look: the white shirt on a navy blue suit with brown leather moccasins always has its effect.

    Casual Look: we dare the layers! A comfortable, slightly loose dark gray chinos, a light sweater one tone below your pants, a denim jacket and your white shirt underneath. Of course, the neck of it should be slightly visible.

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