Herren Sommer Jeans & Hosen Kollektion

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Our new Jeans & Pants trends are available in our spring-summer 2021 collection!
Straight, Slim, Super Slim, City or Chino cuts, everything you need to turn the heads of these young ladies.
Without further ado, check them out:

108,29 Lagernd
Ocoris Drill
99,96 Lagernd
91,63 Lagernd
108,29 Lagernd
83,29 Lagernd
Dustee Slim
74,96 Lagernd
Dustee Slim Cassidy
Negan Marek
91,63 Lagernd
Ocoris Checks
99,96 Lagernd
91,63 Lagernd
91,63 Lagernd
83,29 Lagernd
Dustee Slim
91,63 Produkt mit verschiedenen Optionen erhältlich
Ocoris Dobby
91,63 Lagernd
Sirocco Niki
83,29 Lagernd
Shen Jonas
74,96 Produkt mit verschiedenen Optionen erhältlich
Sirocco Night Stripes
Dustee Slim
83,29 Lagernd

    Here we explainAll about our selection of Men's Jeans, Pants and Shorts

    Latest men's winter trends

    This is the return of the decryption of the season! Here we explain everything about the trends in our winter collection, what inspired us and what could inspire you. So love them or hate them, whatever your opinion let's check this!

    You probably already noticed it, a military sensation hides in our collection! By combining vintage and US style, we wanted to make you travel by offering you different styles of cut like cargo pants, slim, chino...

    And because we know bright colors aren't your thing, we've made our jeans and pants in dark tones like khaki, gray and navy. Can you imagine better colors suited to a man of character?

    With our steel helmet on and our love letter sent, we took off for the Roaring Twenties! A British style like the Peaky Blinders as we like them with character patterned fabrics: prince of wales, checks, stripes ... Everything is there to project you in the skin of Tommy Shelby.

    How to choose the right pants?

    Like women's, some pant cuts suit more to our morphology than others. But don't panic, today we'll explain everything about the cut that will enhance your figure.

    H-morphologies: if you have an H-shaped body, you should ideally wear semi-fitted clothes, opt for the low waist, straight and fitted cuts and do not hesitate to play tone on tone to show off your bust.

    V-shaped morphologies: for men with thin legs, belted pants and slim cuts with prints are your best friends. But if you have muscular legs then go for straighter cuts instead. (Our favorite: the Prince of Gales check pants!)

    Body shapes in 0: you need to avoid skinny jeans, go for straight pants instead.

    Now that you know more about what could make you look good, all you have to do is browse our collection to select the model you like!

    How to choose the right jeans?

    We wear it every day, we collection them in our wardrobe and yet we always swear for the same. Why? Because it fit us perfectly! So you might think it was a chance, and that you will never get lucky enough to find another one. Calm down guys, we're here to make this happiness happen again.

    And for that, there is nothing like a quick jeans guide! Because yes, jeans are more complex that you though:

    Rule number 1: if it is difficult to close on the first fitting, it's not because it's too small! Wear it for a few hours and you will see that it will relax until it adapts perfectly to your body!

    Rule Number 2: If you're having trouble reaching the bottom of your pockets, it's a good sign! It means that they are well tackled!

    Rule number 3: avoid excess fabric on the buttocks or the crotch. We must maintain everything!

    Rule number 4: we want molded thighs. Baggys is not our jam!

    Rule number 5: the cut is too long? The hem is your best friend, so don’t hesitate to roll up guys!

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