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Freeman T. Porter

Freeman Spirit

Like the soldier Freeman T. Porter who’s been sent to Europe in 1944,
we did not choose this world.
But we are part of it
we have to deal with it and
we are the only ones to decide how to run it.
Everyone needs inspiration, everyone needs confidence, recognition.
At Freeman T. Porter
we do not fear transgression,
we do not fear to break the rules,
or to overstep the preestablished codes.
Just like us, our community has commitments.
They all have commitments to
what make them feel alive,
what give them emotions, excitement.
We use this tension every day to create garments that define this state of mind !
We want to give our community these emotions they are looking for.
We want to make them feel desirable and special
in this sterilized world.
We want them to be who they really are !
And you ?
What’s your way of life ?

”We exist to make you feel confident !”

- P. Muller -

Customer service

If you are happy, we are happy. This is how we want it to be done !
We’ve got people here who are dedicated to serve you with fairness and
extreme care.
We are here thanks to you ! And we want to go forward with
you ! We are listening to what you tell us, to your needs, to
your desires to better serve you !

You have a question ? You have an issue ?
Or you simply want to talk to us ?
Our Team is waiting for you from Monday to Friday !

& design

We’ve turned an article that was not necessarily considered as desirable,
in something that will be the key element of your outfit to feel attractive !
We travel the world to explore differences, meet people, and observe.
This diversity inspires us for our collections.
Don’t get us wrong, Denim is an Art ! It requires knowledge, time,
technique, control and dedication.
Only a few brands can be considered as Denim Specialist. We believe we are
part of this restricted family.

”Denim is an art !”

- E. Muller -


We just stand at the crossroad of Art and Technology. Art to inspire us.
Technology to keep on innovating to present always more performing
products. All our fabrics are meant to keep your body as comfy as in a
pyjama !
But you will still look damn good !


Bad news: Our planet is dying !
That is why we take personal care of all our production process.
At the top of the chain is our core material: the cotton. We try our best to
use as much BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) cotton and cotton.
Our suppliers in Turkey and Morocco are trustful partners since more
than 20 years and have all our confidence. They are all subject to
yearly Environmental and Quality Controls. Together we go in the same

OUTLET : Up to 50 % off | SALES #2 : Up to 40% off | additional 10% off over 150 €

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Free delivery from 120€ IN FRANCE

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