Men Caps

US Inspired

You like NBA or Baseball matches? NYC and California?
Then you will love our US inspired caps modified with Freeman T. Porter tastes.

    Here we explainAll about Caps

    The cap, a trendy accessory

    In the family of accessories we ask…. the cap ! True must-have of the male wardrobe but not only! The cap is also in full swing with women. So if you thought you had lost your treasure, take a look around her wardrobe, our little finger tells us that it is surely hiding there ;) But before praising it, let's take a look back at its history! We see it today on baseball players, in playgrounds and on fashion hip-hop culture like streetwear. Yet its origin is once again military. What trendsetter these soldiers! Neither one nor two, the working class adopts it in its workwear style as well. It then becomes the flagship accessory for athletes (baseball players, dancers, tennis players ...) and ends up as THE essential piece for all generations. Pretty good for a simple accessory, isn't it? Practical and suitable for all seasons, especially in summer. Today the cap offers a casual look and allows you to punctuate your outfits with a cool and effortless atmosphere.

    Our printed caps

    Too often cataloged as too sporty or too summery, the cap has nevertheless managed to make its appearance in the men's locker room, and that whatever the season! It must be said that its stylish prints are not for nothing! A gorilla with a cigar in its mouth for the badass side; a tiger wearing a soldier's helmet with a mini Freeman T Porter logo on it; a grizzly bear with a roaring sheriff's hat and finally a tiger with aviator glasses ready to let your style take off! You will understand, our new caps for this season will easily rock your outfits. In terms of design, they have an efficient shape, a super-rigid and resistant visor, a mesh at the back and an adjustable size. Available in one-size-fits, our caps will allow you to express and complete your casual look. Bonus? We have made them in several colors to match all your needs! In camouflage version, or in solid colors, you will easily find what you are looking for.

    From Baseball to the Locker Room Freeman T. Porter

    At first, baseball caps were as iconic as a football shirt. Baseball supporters put on their caps flocked with the logo of their favorite team, just as Football supporters wear their favorite player's name on their backs. Little by little, this trend has spread in several areas: rock band, comic book character, brand logo, city name, printed message ... In short, stylists around the world have worked on the cap to allow each person to express their style and even their values. Kind of like our favorite t-shirt actually. So we followed this movement in our on way! For our caps we wanted a casual and relaxed style. In punchy colors (khaki, burgundy, yellow, blue, green, orange, gray or black), which will make your outfits vibrate this season without the slightest effort! Their pluses? We've embroidered cool logos on the front for a total funky look! So, are you ready to join the Freeman Team?

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