Women T-shirts

An easy-to-wear item that can be slipped under a jacket, vest or coat. 
After studying all your favorite T-shirts from last year, we have made a multitude of looks to complete your wardrobe this autumn!

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Timothé Coeur d'Artichaut
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    Here we explainAll about our T-shirts

    The t-shirt history

    The t-shirt, as we know it appears in almost all forms today. A garment considered simple for some generation, anchored in the culture that has evolved over time. For the record, this fashion piece comes to us from our American friends, when the Marines used it as a standard undergarment between the American-Mexican War in 1893 and 1913. It was only in 1950 that this fashion piece win our hearts. And for that we have to thanks the movie "A tramway named desire" for gave it its chance! But the euphoria of it really started when some Miami companies started pimping it up with prints, slogans, Walt Disney characters ... Since this genious ideas, we see them everywhere! On American Football or Baseball players, but also in remastered versions: in a short version (like the Cropped), with a single sleeve, in a polo shirt, in a double t-shirt, in a tunic or even in a draped model. In short, treasures like misses!

    Our Cotton T-shirts

    Some fashion pieces know how to combine useful and pleasant and this is of course the case of the t-shirt! Plain, printed, colored, nude or even customized with sequins or embroidery: today we find all kinds, but also all fabrics (cotton, jersey, linen, viscose, etc.).

    But the one that makes us vibrate the most is undoubtedly cotton! Generally, cotton T-shirts have more softness to offer and display a lighter hold. What we love about them is adding subtle details to their fabrics, such as buttons on the shoulders or silver thread stitching along the V-neck. So a basic certainly, but a basic elegantly revisited by through our stylists.

    Available in short or long sleeves, they can accompany you both at the office and during your holidays, while their different colors and their different embroidery will allow you to play the sobriety card or the one of more dynamic colors to enhance your outfits!

    How to wear the t-shirt in summer?

    Wearing your favorite t-shirts during the winter season would be cool, wouldn't it? After the bob, the banana or the culottes, it's the t-shirt to impose itself in the winter trends! But you still have to know how to wear it, otherwise hello pneumonia ...

    So before you get sick, here are our favorite t-shirt looks!

    The rock look: leather pants, a t-shirt from your favorite band, a oppened thin jeans shirt and a black bomber jacket.

    The chic look: mix black lace dress with white t-shirt, a straight Irish-style checked coat and leather ankle boots.

    The casual look: take your favorite t-shirt, slip it into your high waisted jeans and put on your fluffy jacket and your favorite pair of sneakers.

    You will understand, to wear the t-shirt in winter, it's all about layering. And we kind of like this superposition play! Yes, it is never too pleasant to switch from a 25 degrees room to 5 degrees outside! So don't hesitate to vary the pieces, girls ;)

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