Women High Waist Pants

A feeling of height!

Who says High Waist Pants doesn't necessarily mean Slim; yes, our High Sizes are available in all cuts and combine with most of our models.
Discover our models like the Alexa, or the Shelby, available in superb printed or city materials.

Christia Twilly
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Leana Carlo
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Anais Comet
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Samara North
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Shelby Silvan
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Shelby Angelo
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Alexa HW Magic Color

    Here we explainAll about High Waist Pants

    What is a high waisted pants?

    Some people will say with the greatest of enthusiasm: “FINALLY! A category about High waisted pants! ”, While others will be like “Oh no! This model is not for me at all ... ". And yet, the high waist pants are indeed suitable for all body types. But beware ! It will only be good on you if you find the right model! And by right model we mean to find the most suitable color for our shapes and a fabric that will enhance the silhouette. But before explaining all of this in great detail, let's go back to the basics of the high waist fit first. The High Waist Pants, or more often called High Waisted Pant, is a pant whose waistline rises at the level of the navel. Very common in the 1970s, it has been very famous again this last years thanks to its makeover regarding the new lifestyles, stylistics and technical developments. And yes, the high waisted pants of 2021 are no longer the same that in the 70s! Indeed, it is way more than a hippie style now, the high waist is now available on boyfriend, slim, super slim, straight, cropped, fluid, carrot, paper-bag, flare cuts. , ... And thanks to elastane and new fabrics, it has become super comfortable to wear! You will understand, you will inevitably find a model that will highlight you!

    Heighter and heighter!

    Despite the passing years, the craze for high-waisted jeans and pants hasn't be lost. Luckily for us! And today it's thanks to its pants version that this treasure got a new life! So hello slices of cakes or other or other prohibited pleasures, the time is long gone and nothing should exceed our little “low waist” ;) An it's therefore for our greatest pleasure that it reappears today in our wardrobes. Welcome marked waist, drawn hips and shapely buttocks! No no girls, you do not need to pinch yourself! It's not a dream ;) So if you still think the high waist shows your love handles more than it hides them, reboot immediately! The goal of this cut is precisely to hide our small imperfections such as our love handles by sheathing them. And because good news never comes alone, we reveal its ultimate asset: higher is its waist, more your legs lengthen and slimmer! It's up to you to choose how far you want to climb now ;)

    Which high waist pants to choose?

    As we already explained, it's all about the model. You need to know your body, your imperfections but above all your qualities. And of course the leitmotiv is comfort! What's the point of wearing something if you don't feel good in it after all? So here are some recommendations about it: If you think that your pants accentuate your belly instead of hiding it, it is because the model doesn't suit your body type! The solution would therefore be to choose a paper-bag version. A cut that is generally distinguished by a belt made in the same fabric as the pants and which tightens and refines your waist. Do you feel like your butt is flattened rather than raised? The solution is to select a fabric not too thin or too soft and wear gathered sizes to flesh out your butt! Your hips doesn't look well? No problem, details are your best ally! Belts, darts, pleats, gathers ... Adding volume will allow you to harmonize the result. Finally, for the little ones among us, we recommend a cropped length to lengthen your legs, while the bigger ones will be very successful with a flare fit!

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