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The star of men's dressing!

Seasonal colors, printed, or plain, you will find T-shirts models as classic as original.

Nemo Freedom
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Nemo Bo-Kiss
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Sinbad Henley
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Nemo Black Boss
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Gabin Shinning
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Gabin Fight
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Gabin Black Sheep
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Gabin Patch
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Gabin Live Fast
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Gabin Jim-Hen
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Gabin Pin-Up Army
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    Here we explainAll about T-shirts & Poloshirts

    A 100% cotton composition

    Who does not fall in love with cotton fabric? Softness to the touch, an ability to withstand the summer heat and a non-sticky fit. It's surely for these reasons that it's one of our favorite fabrics!

    Each season, our stylists like to play with its versatility and finesse. This is how loose or more fitted cuts appear, discreet or more daring prints as well as dark colors or with more pizzazz.

    It is this fabric that makes your prints resist multiple washes for longer. Are you not convinced? Remember the good old t-shirt borrowed from your father's wardrobe with its logo almost intact! But we have something to confess you.. This season we are more in a mood for a trendy vintage prints than a Nirvana or Beatles logo.

    So if you want to freshen up your locker room, while playing it cool, you'll love our selection of 100% cotton t-shirts: Gabin, Nemo, Sinbad, or even or Teis.

    Our printed men's t-shirts

    With or without print? This is THE question you have in mind when you are looking for a classy outfit or when you want to spice up your style. But it is still necessary to be well balanced: between the full printed t-shirts, the subtle patterns and the writings. No doubt there is enough choice! And to complicate even more your task, we have mixed three universes in our selection:

    Our Signature Prints: this season we've made some t-shirts with our logo written on the front! You will find it in a very visual style that is pleasant to wear. On a short or long sleeve version, whatever the cut, it will inevitably give a lot of character to your looks thanks to its Pin-up, Shinning or Kiss prints.

    Our Backpacker prints: Jimi Hendrix on the front or some other prints proudly displaying a desire for freedom to accompany you on your road trip.

    Our Biker prints: with them, you will only want one thing, put on your leather jacket and let your engine roar!

    How to wear t-shirts in winter?

    Comfortable and essential, even in winter, it's hard to do without our favorite t-shirts. You still have to know how to wear it, otherwise hello pneumonia ...

    So before you get sick, here are our favorite t-shirt looks!

    The old school look: gray chinos, a denim jacket in an old school aviator style combined with a white t-shirt with prints on the side, and that's it, you’re ready to go.

    The rock’n’roll look: mix a long pea coat, a chunky knit cardigan and a raw denim with an explosive print T-shirt.

    The casual look: take your favorite t-shirt, match it with your brown jeans and put on your jeans jacket with your favorite pair of sneakers.

    You will understand, wearing the t-shirt in winter is super easy. It's all about layering and accessorizing to give it even more life.

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