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Discover our jeans, patterned or solid color shorts… for an elegant and relaxed look all summer long!

Shen Short Jovanny
Jimmy Short Cassidy
Jimmy Short Cassidy
Jimmy Short
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Jimmy Short
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Nevada Short Checks
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    Here we explainAll about Shorts

    Our Jeans Shorts

    Developed by our precious stylists, our jeans shorts will meet the comfort and quality criteria you are looking for. Our Stretch materials will facilitate your movements and their colorful finishes will bring pep to your outfit. Pair it with your favorite sneakers and T-shirt and get the winning combo!

    Our Patterned Shorts

    This summer, we have made elegant-looking chinos. Thanks to micro-patterns and sober colors, make your shorts the charming asset of your outfit! Because contrary to popular belief, patterns are easy to combine. A one-color shirt or a round-neck T-shirt and voila!

    Our short Shorts

    Leave the 70s basketball player look in your closet and opt for short shorts this season! This cut ending slightly above your knee will keep you cool all summer. All that's left is to fall for warm colors or more classic prints and you're ready to put it on!

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