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What makes our light knits so unique

Freeman T. Porter is not just a brand of Jeans. It is a philosophy, an art of living, which we also use on our Sweaters and Knits to offer you complete silhouettes full of allure and chic.

Sarah Backtowork
Tomily Tie & Dye
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Here we explainAll about our Sweats & Light Knits

Our colored fine mesh

That's it, summer has finally arrived, bye-bye the chunky knits, the imposing jackets and the velvet pants… And welcome to your cozy knits and embroidered pieces! This cocooning spirit and these contrasting colors have inspired more than one of our pieces. Cocooning yes, but always a bit sexy thanks to the open-back knits to be switched on the front and the back which will reveal the rebellious side of some girls! This year, our fine knit collection is adorned with noble fabrics, refined patterns and meticulous details developed on precise and flattering cuts, the brand's signature. Enough to keep warm the most chilly girls on the terrace in the evening! And for those who need a little push to pair them, here are our best season tips: For the more romantic, we advise you to bet on a pastel pink. A soft color that you can easily mix with checked pants and sneakers for a sportswear touch. If you are in a relaxed casual mood, then bet on the timeless combination of gray and black colors, with a light sweater, loose pants and a cap! Finally, if you want to bring light to your outfit, choose a light sweater made with a metallic gold thread. You'll be shining brightly in the blink of an eye!

The cardigan: the summer nights accessory

We wear it when it's hot, when it's cold, when you just want to layer pieces. You probably already guessed it, this is our best sidekick vest! Why ? Because it is quite simply THE piece capable to compete any of our chunky knits! Easy to wear, ideal for all body types, available in all styles, its advantages list is way more longer than you thought. But if we had to choose why we love it so much, it would undoubtedly be for its ability to spice up our outfits. So that's why we didn't hesitate to create blazing cardigans this season: For a rock'n'roll chic style, a chunky knit cardigan in a black color will be perfect to twist outfits with class. And of course, for a soft and light side: let us introduce you the cardigan. This button-up cardigan is now one of the essential fashion basics. This is why we have declined this piece that we love so much in three colors: mint green, lemon yellow and beige.

Our very soft Cozy Sweaters

We don't about you, but for us, even in summer, we need a good mesh to withstand the cool evenings on the terrace! So we are not going to bring out our beautiful waders or our fleeces, but rather choose a summer sweater, enough to warm up ;) At the same time, it's kind of difficult to fully living without a sweater during the summer! Okay unless you live in Tahiti all year round, but unfortunately we don't think that's the case of everyone... Like the cardigan, the sweater comes in all shapes and sizes: huge or fine knit, pastel or flashy colors, twisted or cabled, with lurex threads or openwork details… It's up to you to choose what you want to wear! In any case, this season we have bet on several models: First of all, our favorite: the oversized sweater with its pink or yellow Tie & Dye colors for a punchy side. Then the one we can't wait to go out for a night out: an oversized old school sweater with a big BACK TO WORK print on the front. Finally, the no-brainer piece that will keep us warm all summer: a plain crochet sweater with light puffed sleeves to give it even more style. In short, quality products that will add texture and shape to your outfits.

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