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If you don't like tight pants, vibrate with straight pants this autumn.
A straight cut, topstitching on the sides and a fitted waist at the back?

Discover our Anais model which will refine your waist and sculpt your hips!

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    Here we explainAll about Straight Pants

    A fashion classic: the Slim Pants

    Choosing straight pants is a bit like choosing a sure and timeless value. Why? Because it is easy to combine and showcases many silhouettes! In addition, it allows infinite variations. For winter, you will find leather, velvet or flannel pants, while for summer you will have the choice between lighter fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk or even flowing synthetic ones. We also find a multitude of variations by modulating the size heights: low, normal or high, by playing on the lengths: cropped or normal, or even by combining both of them! But what we love the most are the details that we bring to it in order to give it completely different styles. You are probably wondering how, right? ;) So here are some examples of our magic trick: to accentuate a city chic style we add bands on the sides, for a more rock'n'roll look, we dress it with nails, the Girl Boss side will be supported by houndstooth patterns, and a belt tied at the waist will display a chill silhouette, finally for a blazing outfit we do not hesitate to wear colorful check prints!

    Why do we love about the straight cut?

    Year after year, we still appreciate this timeless fit. A reliable and flattering base, straight pants are a way to assert yourself, to showcase your curves while remaining comfortable. Previously, we thought that to be chic and feminine you absolutely had to wear a dress. But what better way to express your uniqueness than wearing pretty, perfectly cut pants? If you look around you will see straight cut pants everywhere. Indeed, this model, which no longer has to prove its performance, is acclaimed by many people. It must be said that its comfort and its ability to renew itself season after season plead in its favor. Therefore, if you ask any of these people why they chose it, they will surely tell you that it has never been easier to spend a day at work while feeling comfortabe. Available all year round, you will find it in different fabrics, different colors, and even different cuts and details. This allows many associations and will satisfy all tastes!

    How to wear Straight Pants?

    Straight pants give us plenty of options in the morning. Whether it is to go to work or just to walk outside, here is a quick guide about straight jeans to help you making none missteps! If you want to create a refined style, you just need to combine it with a shirt made of a light fabric. Don't hesitate to dare the studded details on the neckline and sleeves to spice up your outfit. Regarding the shoes, a pair of moccasins or colorful ankle boots will balance everything perfectly. If you're in a relaxed mood, go for a casual style! And to create it, nothing could be simpler: just combine a t-shirt in the color of your choice and a pair of sneakers with a blazing print to enhance the all look! The little extra for the Girls Bosses that we are, here is our secret for a Working Girl look: select a white shirt and tuck it into your straight striped pants. Add a cozy cardigan and understated ankle boots and finish your look with your favorite handbag. Here you are, you are ready to walk in into the office!

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