Women Slim Pants

Play with colors!

This autumn, our Slims Pants are widely represented by our Magic Color range.

The rule is simple: Super Stretch material, a dozen new colors, thoughtful details, and a flagship model: the Alexa.

Melly Polyneo
83,29 In Stock
Claudia Felicita
74,96 In Stock
Alexa Slim New Magic Color
79,17 Product available with different options
Alexa Slim Akela
Celine Lazaro
99,96 Product available with different options
Claudia Polyneo
Alexa Slim New Magic Color
Samara Preppy
91,63 In Stock
Claudia Mystic
91,63 In Stock
Claudia Felicita
74,96 Product available with different options
Lisea Preppy
83,29 In Stock
Kaylee Calitea
Claudia Retro Foil
Claudia Pongo
83,29 In Stock
Samara Inocenta
91,63 In Stock
Samara North
91,63 In Stock
Claudia Felicita
Samara Comet
91,63 In Stock
Claudia Gondola
83,29 In Stock
Claudia Felicita
74,96 In Stock
Claudia Marley
83,29 In Stock
Claudia Sprinkle
Claudia Rockabilly
Claudia Red Flowers

    Here we explainAll about Slim Pants

    A fashion classic: the Slim Pants

    For some of you, your first steps with this cut go back to last year, for others to high school years and, of course, some fashion enthusiasts will tell you that they have worn it since the beginning! Whatever your history with the slim fit, you are bound to know the characteristics that make their pants so special. But in case you are a little confused, you need to know that unlike the skinny fit which is tight from top to bottom, the slim only has a tight fit at the thighs, then, its cut emphasizes the calves and ankles without tightening them. The stylists have more than once adore it by offering it a multitude of variations each season: Cropped, high waist, low waist, paper bag, darts or our little favorite the cargo. In addition to making a multitude of Slim models, our stylists also took pleasure in creating a wide range of colors and prints, from the wisest to the most audacious. You will understand, slim pants have more than one trick up their sleeve. Now you just have to choose which style you would like to showcase.

    Why should we wear Slim Pants?

    There are days like this, we no longer take pleasure to get dressed, evenings we would like to make an effortless sensation and even mornings when you don't even want to take off your jogging! Yes Ladies, we're like you! So if you are wondering what is our tip for solving these little hassles, it's very simple: put on our slim pants! He's kind of our superhero when we're looking for some inspiration. This is why we have not hesitated to decline it in several styles: from authentic 100% cotton canvas to super stretch canvas, from the plain Magic Color range to animal print, from micro-pattern to Jacquard fabric, ankles embellished with details with zipped pockets, fancy ribbons in metallic thread up to the waist to tie and the back yoke heart shape... You will understand, all these things are specially made for you and make your life way easier! Our teams have gone through all the possible trends for this summer season to satisfy all your stylistic desires, but if we ever missed one, please send us a little message :)

    Whicht outfit for a slim pants?

    No more waste of time, let's finally get down to business by finding what to wear with your favorite slim pants. Do you have dark city pants with discreet stripes? To energy it and adopt a relaxed yet chic sportwear look, twis it with a worked and voluminous knit! You don't know what to pair your black pants with? How about a full black look? Felt hat, waistcoat with studded armholes, silk tank top with lace details and finally cowboy boots with Texan influence, you are more than ready! Looking for a 100% chic look to go to work? So for a Girl Boss style, nothing could be simpler! A blazer and a pant in the same fabric will be perfect paired with a plain top and ankle boots. And if you don't pass by your home before catching up your friends for the evening, why not being audacious and drop the top ;) Little extra: for those who are still looking to liven up their black and white floral patterned pants, here is our little secret: a fluid black top with string, a pair of white converse, a colorful bag and voila!

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