Women Straight Jeans

To be stylish day and night!

If you are not chasing tight jeans, try straight jeans that will vibrate your leg with style and grace this summer.
A piece of character with cuts: long, destroy, straight edge cut, fringed ... with a wide choice of washes!

Come discover your future finish of Straight Jeans: back enhancement, sheathing effect, wide loop, zip ...

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83,29 In Stock
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Solenn Denim
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Loreen Enigma
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    Here we explainAll about Straight Jeans

    What is Straight Jeans?

    A revisited cut that adjusts your buttocks and thighs. By becoming wider at the level of your calves, this Denim offers you that little extra comfort that you want.

    Why choose Straight Jeans?

    At the cutting edge of the trend, our Straight Jeans are the real ally of all body types. Completely redesigned, they now offer you a wide range of cuts: destroy, frank cut, fringed, short or long.

    How to wear straight jeans?

    Opt for styles that are both refined and casual. Wear it with boots, moccasins or don't hesitate to roll it up to put it on with sneakers!

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