Women Slim Jeans

A multi-style denim for Autumn!

Our slim jeans are the perfect piece to reveal your figure.
Discover our flagship models Alexa or Kaylee, for comfort fabrics and unique washings.

All the more details that overcome basic.

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Alexa Slim
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Alexa Slim
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Alexa Slim
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    Here we explain youAll about Slims Jeans

    The Slim Jeans origin

    We all remember the arrival of slim jeans in our lives. For some people it reminds them of their college or high school looks while for others it is more the day they associated it with their favorite blazer.

    No matter the place or the circumstances, in the end, we all gave it a special place in our closet and in our hearts. And if you find yourself reading this little article, it's surely because you want to know more about this timeless piece of fashion!

    Denim has been around for over a century now, precisely since 1873. Yes, it is not a brand new baby anymore! But despite its age, the stylists have still not finished working on it season after season! The least we can say is that this piece has potential and that we haven't finished reinventing it!

    It was therefore only in 1970 that skinny jeans saw the world for the first time. Little by little, adjusted fit are more and more presents in the streets, while the flared cuts gradually disappear (spoiler alert: they came back after but shhh).

    And there, KABOOM, like a real phenomenon of trend, they began to be everywhere! Even on the music stages around our favorite rockers such as Patti Smith or Marianne Faithfull.

    It’s often said that trends are fleeting, but if there is one that has made its mark, it’s the slim fit. It has been able to cross the generations successfully!

    Why choose a Slim Jean?

    Could you pass by the best ice cream place in Italy without tasting its delicious Stracciatella ice cream?

    Of course not! ;) So why miss out the most worn cut of the moment?

    And what makes slim jeans so successful and differentiates them from all other jeans is their tight fit at the legs and ankles. But beware, it still remains less skinny than its Super Slim jeans neighbour!

    This essential fit owes its success to the fact that it hugs the curves perfectly. It makes your figure sharper than ever before and thus gives you a relaxed appearance. Always made in very stretch fabrics, it is very comfortable and leaves you free to move. So? Why not try some pirouettes!

    And as you may have noticed, with denim, we are not kidding. So we redouble our efforts every season to offer you impeccable slim cuts. How? By adding a heart-shaped back yoke, small rounded pockets or ticket pockets, charms, rivets, an original canvas, rhinestones, zips...

    In short, we do everything we can to continue to make it irresistible, to let it sublimates the shapes of your body!

    How to wear your Slim Jeans?

    Even if it has been dethroned by the undisputed leaders Boyfriend and Skinny Jeans, it does not mean that this little gem has stopped eyeing us!

    Indeed, you will be surprised by the number of outfits with which it can match! Handy for those mornings when our fashion inspiration is away, right?

    With it you will always have everything good and that is thanks to its many variations: wild or wise, destroyed or impeccable finishes, cropped or long, high waist or normal size, colored or raw, faded or not. You understood it, it comes in all your dreamy variants.

    Thanks to it you can compose casual looks by matching it with a pretty worked knit, or you can bet on elegance by combining it with ultra-chic blouses. When it comes to shoes, you will not be disappointed by the lack of choice, from our side, what we prefer is to wear it with ankle boots or just rolled up with sneakers.

    Still not convinced? Either way, get your wardrobes ready, because with what follows we are sure, you will fall in love! Rock chic looks, that's your dream? We knew it ;) So wear slim black jeans, a nice perfecto, a printed t-shirt and finish the outfit with cowboy boots. The perfect badass set up!

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