Nevada Short Military

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OUR COOL CHINOS SHORT: Nevada is our favorite summer shorts! Its cut is the right balance between chic and relaxed, and the model is full of details, including this small piped pocket at the front and its topstitching flap-shaped that underline the back piped pockets. The fit is just well adjusted to the thighs without being too slim: perfect to feel comfortable while displaying an "ideal son-in-law" look..

MILITARY INSPIRED: This season, Nevada comes in several colors so you can have one for each situation. This khaki version will compose your military-inspired looks.

ABOUT THE SIZE : Théo ist 186 cm groß und trägt Größe 31.


Passende Chino-Shorts
Normale Größe
Benutzerdefinierte Knöpfe, Nieten und Jacron
Paspelierte Gesäßtaschen
Zusammensetzung & Pflege

100% Cotton

Nevada Short Military
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