Alexa Cropped Magic Color

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ibis rose

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OUR ICONIC: Alexa is way more than just a pant. It's the brand emblematic model, the one you can't do without! What makes it so successful is its super slim fit, its well-tailored cut, its accessorized zips, and above all, its heart-shaped back yoke overhanging cleverly placed rounded pockets. So many details that enhance your silhouette and above all, make your buttocks look incredible! The 7/8th version reveals your ankles to go with your most beautiful sandals.

GIMME MAGIC! Our Magic Color range is a super stretch fabric that will give freedom to your movement thanks to its great comfort. Available each season in new colours, here it is in Ibis Rose, a shade as soft as it is refreshing.

ABOUT THE SIZE : Aude ist 177 cm groß und trägt Größe S.


Schmale Passform, verkürzte Länge
Normale Taille
Super-Stretch-Stoff, hoher Tragekomfort
Reißverschlüsse und raffinierte Details an den Taschen
Rückenpasse in "Herzform"
Zusammensetzung & Pflege

92% Cotton | 6% Polyester | 2% Elastane

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