Our cropped pants, or 7/8 length are characterized by their very specific length. The length stops just above the ankles and give you this sensation of long silhouette. We created a few different models, inspired from the classic 5 pockets, modified with our signatures details and available in many washes.

What we like :

? Its adjusted cut for a long silhouette
? Its length
? Its versatility: you can wear it in any situation

Which pair of shoes for our Cropped Fit ?

We would say almost anything ! but please avoid high shoe upper, it won’t look good


Supertrendy, it combines a contemporary fit with a superstretch fabric for a great comfort. Adjusted from the hips to the ankles, it will embrace your silhouette. We’ve developed many styles, all with different details, all with different attributes and features.

What we like :

  • Its feminine outlook
  • Its comfort and second skin effect
  • Its infinite legs look

Which pair of shoes for our superslim Fit ?

The superslim and slim are the only jeans you can wear with almost any pair of shoes. So let’s multiply the style options and let’s do some trials !

  • Baskets
  • Escarpins
  • Slip-on
  • Derbies
  • Boots
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