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The simplicity of the leather belt.

Simple but effective it will give a chic finish to your autumn outfit.
Do not hesitate to match it with the color of your shoes!

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    Here we explainAll about our Belts

    How to accessorize your jeans?

    Jeans without a belt? Isn't that a bit sad? In any case, that leaves us with an unfinished look. It's like going for a motorcycle trip without our favorite leather jacket.

    Because yes Gentlemen, belts are like bags, ties, socks and hats, a timeless accessory. But you still have to combine the right styles! Are you ready? Fasten your seatbelts ;)

    Like shirts, there are many styles of belts, for many events. But today, focus on two main categories:

    The classics: generally made in smooth leathers or even with embossed icons. The easy-to-wear belt that instantly brightens up your look.

    The extravagant: in a cognac color with a double button collar closure. You will have no trouble enhancing the color of your jeans with it.

    So you will understand, the belt is more than a simple support.

    Our brown leather belts

    Become an essential accessory for you gentlemen, our brown belt is there to complete your look. Ultra versatile, you choose it according to the look you adopt and the style you want to approach. Ideal for embellishing and perfecting your outfits, wearing it can transform the banality of a look into a super stylish allure.

    How to spice up its look with a brown leather belt:

    First of all, if you want to wear leather or suede shoes, you will need to select a shade that closely matches the color of your belt. But if you want to wear sneakers, you can easily go for white or any other color! It all depends on the style you want to give yourself (casual or classic).

    For a chic look: wear navy chinos with a slightly open white shirt, loafers and a watch in the same tone.

    For a more relaxed look: take jeans in an authentic wash, a military jacket, a white t-shirt then accompany your brown belt with white sneakers.

    Our black leather belts

    The simplicity of a black leather belt can elegantly dress up your most extravagant outfits. Our black belts will allow you to mark your waist and embellish your pants without too much effort. Then, play between casual or dressy looks thanks to their finishes and their plain or engraved black curls.

    Here are the colors and fabrics that will match perfectly with your black leather belt:

    The first fashion rule is to always match the leather together! So it's very simple, if you have a black leather belt, you absolutely have to choose shoes of the same material and the same color. Same thing for your other accessories (watch or bag for example).

    For a rock look: put on a black t-shirt with embroidered patches on the sleeves and on the chest, gray jeans, a black leather belt and ankle boots in the same shade.

    For a casual look: we like to wear it with light brown jeans, a very dark khaki polo shirt, a watch and black leather moccasins.

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